You. Ya, you. You are guilty too.


Racism exists across the board. I know, I know- no one wants to admit it. However, take a good look at your facebook friend list. Is there a race excluded? Are all races other than your own excluded? Now take a look at your cell phone contact list, and then your neighborhood, school district, your coworkers, the crowd at your favorite restaurant. Is it diverse?

How about your church? Yes, you- the preachers, teachers, choir singers, small group leaders, and world changers, is Jesus the only Middle Eastern at your service? Are you primarily serving with your brothers and sisters of the same skin color? Do you feel like your doing a good deed when you are pouring into someone of another race? Get outside the walls of your worship centers and become a part of His church.

Us Christians keep condemning Trump, but our churches look a lot like what he has in mind for our country.

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