Whose am I? I AM.


Have I said too much, or said too little? Did the authority in my tone cause you to feel condemned? Are you evaluating my repeated proclamations on confession and repentance as self-righteousness? Have I sprouted as the daughter she always prayed for, wife he adores, mother of the year? Have our similarities and differences influenced your desire to be my friend? Am I beautiful? Would I fit in with your crowd? Has motherhood worn well on my bones? Is my skin flawless? Have my curves returned to their appropriate places? Are my locks rich and full? Am I appropriately representing myself and my ancestry? Am I all you thought I’d become?

Who decides? Is it you? Have I allowed you in as my god? Or am I walking to the beat of my own drum? Is my rhythm established in arrogance? Am I my own god?

Father, remind us that we are Yours. If we have You, we have love. We are Yours, and You are ours. Lord, tear our idols down and rebuild us in You.

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