What is His will for you?


Complete fulfillment is [achieved] once we [choose] to walk in our divine purpose, which is something not defined [by] us, but [for] us-God’s specific WILL for our individual lives.

If you feel, at this very moment, a lack of complete fulfillment, it is because you are not submitting yourself to His will. His will for you is not what mom or dad told you, or your mentor, or your pastor, or even your brain. It comes directly from the Word of God through the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

[ONLY] you can receive eyes to see it.
[ONLY] you can receive ears to hear it.
[ONLY] you have the ability to fulfill it.
[ONLY] you will be held accountable for rejecting it.

Lucifer’s sin was pride and rebellion. Are you, also, prideful- striving towards your own goals, and resting in your own beliefs? Are you, also, rebelling against God’s specific and divine will for you? Are you rebelling and rejecting His will, because your cross is too burdensome for you to carry?


Submit yourself to Him completely by losing your life, and your will for yourself, and your rebellion against His will, by walking Gracefully in obedience to Him.

Praise and Glory be to God alone.

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