Truth in Love, but the truth, nonetheless.


I have been in prayer about the directness that I deliver within my posts. I am so thankful that God has given me a bold position as His child and servant, but I certainly would never want someone to feel offended or attacked.

I admit, at times it has been an absolute struggle for me to withhold the wrath of man inside of me towards personal attacks at my walk with Christ. On the other hand, I have found a great sense of peace in that I am not a servant of people- desiring to please them, but only to please God. For this reason, I will continue to spread the Gospel, as He commands. I will continue to speak the Truth which God knows the intentions of my heart is love.

I will not tiptoe around the Truth or condone the behaviors of being a lukewarm Christian- not for myself, my family, friends or peers. A lie to spare your feelings is not love, but the Truth to save our souls IS.

Lastly, if you think Jesus would spare anger or wrath to basphemy against the Father, you are wrong.  Do not expect comfort and consideration from me as you slander my Master. Period.

All glory to You, Lord.

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