Thou Shall Not Sink…


Over the last couple years, I have thought of my spiritual journey similar to Peter’s walk of faith on the water towards Jesus Christ.

Oh, how the waves have come barreling towards me. The thunder roaring loudly; the lightning striking earnestly. Oh, how I used to tremble with fear. Oh, how I have let those fears overshadow my faith.

I must admit that I finally feel at peace in this walk. It does not mean that the waves, thunder, or lightning have settled. It means that the storm can no longer affect my walk. My faith is in Him.

Jesus Christ saved me from me. He continues to save me through my daily opportunities to submit to His will above that of man. As I continue to submit only to His will, the closer I get to Him. Trial after trial, I am strengthened. He disciplines me out of His love for me, and as promised, His grace is sufficient.

I encourage any of you feeling His call upon your life to say Yes! Please, don’t waste another minute. It is a commitment you will not regret.

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