The Worldly Man


We are your teenage sons, brothers, nephews, cousins, and friends overwhelmed by social pressures to become billboards of strength- heartless, cold and void of the “feminine weakness” known as emotion.  Our manhood is measured by our ability to perform in a competitive arena and judged by our physical attributes dictated by our genetics.  From peers, we are perceived as cool when conquering women, and perceived cooler if she is thrown to the wolves at the finish.

When engaging in platonic interaction with the opposite sex, we cannot escape the permanence of the “friend category.”  Because of this, critical thinking provoked by our superior head has become infrequently outspoken at all.  Robotically, we succumb to a self-induced victimization of an ego-magnifying temporary satisfaction generating slaves to a self-worth defined by quantity.

When quality walks past our doorstep, we reluctantly submit to a time-out.  She is simply too remarkable to let another man have the satisfaction of attaining.  She embraces our vulnerability, and provides a safe house for our inadequacies.  We wine and dine her, fill her thoughts with fairytale fantasies, conquer and repeat until she finally forces us into marriage.

Post nuptials, we try diligently not to allow this three letter word to consume each and every thought.  However, with the lack of it from our ever-unsatisfied wife, it is a battle we know we have already lost.  Once we acquiesce to our temptations through multiple venues beginning with the letter P, the withdraw from the only one who ever provided a true sense of worth begins.  Our hours comprise of relentless battles of her trying to articulate emotions, and us wishing she would just give it up.  When divorce divides her from our name, we re-enter this cycle as if a new conquering will save the game.  However, a decision to ascend our commitments will retire us from its yoke forever.


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