The Selfie State of Mind:


We are living in a culture that is so self-oriented, having the attitude of stubborn toddlers saying “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

We create our facade through social media, gain and give respect based on titles and assets, and generate pride based on an agreeable audience that we strive so diligently to attract.

We continue to seek what the world has to offer us, but once it’s delivery comes up short, we blame the God we never truly sought, loved, or obeyed.

We have a Christian church divided into separate doctrines, forgetting the One way, truth, and life. We have racism that will never see an end- Whites being chained to the blame of slavery, Blacks living in the comfort of unforgiveness, and Hispanics being deported from the land of the free. We have a nation of rich and wealthy filling their pockets off the minimum-waged laborers and tuition-drowning college graduates.

When will we wake up from this American Dream? When will we realize that preventative care should start by addressing our neglect for true wellness? When will we recognize the faith in man to deliver mental, emotional, and physical health is an undeliverable request? When will we stop submitting to ourselves, our arrogance, our intelligence, our abilities, and submit to Him?

When we are at our rock bottom…?

May the blessings often disguised as hardships forever be revealed to you.

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