The most fulfilling love story.


The past couple years have been nothing short of an intensive training proving God to be as real to me as each of you. I can literally look back and note specific lessons He tried me through.

I remember first accepting Him as my Lord and Savior. Then I remember asking Him to control my tongue. Then another time seeking His protection against thoughts and temptations. And another time where He called me into the Word. And when He gave me eyes to see and ears to hear. I remember when He taught me to trust in Him through physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial adversity. He taught me not give into fear. To forgive. To descend myself, wanting more of Him. I remember times of pausing, where I was Asked to stand still. I remember times of excitement, when the doors were opening one after another. I remember when He told me to stop leading, and to allow Him. I remember He told me that again, and again, and again.

He is now teaching me how to be a better servant, wife, mother, daughter, and friend. I know there are far more lessons ahead of me, because with each bit of growth I want more of Him. He is so patient, and I have been so strong-willed, yet He hasn’t given up on me, and I haven’t given up on Him.

He’s showing me now that His word is Law, and how blessed our lives are when we are obedient to His commands. More importantly, He is showing me that He is the Authority guiding each and every one of His servants. That warning others when Led is the extent of my role. That whether I plant the seed or water it, He is directing all other processes of growth.

He gave us free-will, because it was within His authority to do so. I steal His authority when I expect or desire someone’s fire for Him to burn as hot as mine. I limit His abilities when becoming frustrated with one of His servants, whether an elder or apprentice. I discourage His leadership when I buy into the opinions of other servants about what He is doing in me.

His power is mighty. It is far more real than I ever imagined. With so many distractions in this world, we don’t realize that each of us has a very specific, Divine purpose. The purpose He delivers provides a lifetime of fulfillment, so remember that anything worth much isn’t easy. I pray that I am able to submit to His divine desires in using me, and I pray that for all who reads this message.

May the blessings often disguised as hardships forever be revealed to you.

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