The Lukewarm Christian


To be a great athlete, one must learn the rules of the game, study technique, and relentlessly practice the execution, persevering through adversity.

To be a great chef, one must learn properties of foods for superior flavor compatibility, study techniques of preparation, safe handling, cooking requirements, and practice execution, examining results repeatedly.

To be a great businessman, one must learn principles of business, study markets, execute based on analysis, restructure based on failures, and consistently seek projections for success.

To be a great homemaker, one must learn the necessities of the home and balance those with the desires of its inhabitants. The individual must daily strive for task completion and relationship enhancement, persisting through exhaustion.

To be a great Christian…one must do whatever they want.

(Please, sense the sarcasm!)

Wake up.  We can’t call Him God, but reject His ways!!!


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