The First Commandment


What exactly does the first commandment mean to us when God says “Thou shall not have any other gods before me”?

If we examine definitions of “god,” we can find that a god is a supreme being with authority and power. So, if God commands us to not have other gods before Him, He is acknowledging that there are “beings” that we may give “authority and power” to…

What has power over how we evaluate ourselves? The scale. Jobs/income. Involvement or standing in the community/church. Perception/Stability of our marriages.

What power do we give ourselves over our evaluation others? Is our opinion presumptuous of who they are and what they are capable of? Does their appearance affect how much respect we will give them? Are they not making the plays we need them to in order that we win in fantasy football? Do they have different goals? Purpose? Friends? Desires?

If God is the supreme being who holds all authority and power, why do we allow things to be god over us, and allow ourselves to be gods over others?

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