I Submit.


Reflecting on our lives-

Can you, honestly, say that you have regarded God as…God?  Do you treat Him as your Heavenly Father?  What honor have you shown Him?  Do you seek Him?  His Word?  His voice for guidance?  Is He real to you?  Does it hurt you to know that you hurt Him?  Do you mind taking His name in vain?  Does your repetitive sin not take in vain the sacrifice on the cross?  Do you selfishly expect His grace and forgiveness?  Are you really turning from your ways?  Do you fear Him?  Do you fear He will allow upon you what you deserve? Do you know His plans for you?  His plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope (Jer 29:11)…

How long will you continue to make and follow your own plans?  Your priest/pastors?  Your parents?  Your peers?  Your favorite authors?  Your tradition?

When will you let Him be God?

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