Proud of Gays, not Gay Pride.


With the LGBT population making up ONLY 3.8% of American citizens, I admire the fact that they have made such HUGE strides for their community. I think this is evidence enough that we, the Church- aka Christians, are asleep in our faith- not because we should be standing against the LGBT community, but because we continue to fail at standing for our own.

With 70.8% of Americans proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, you would think we would be demanding our right to openly practice our faith as Christian teachers, students, administrators, business owners, and employees without accusations of discrimination. We should not force others to participate, because according to our faith, we are all given free-will to accept or reject Him. However, practicing our faith openly is a right we should stand firm in protecting.

Like the Transgenders community, our identity is not defined by our genitals. Jesus Christ LIVES IN US. To be forced to bury Him inside is discriminatory and abusive, and those who condone it are bullies. It’s time we start acting with authority as children of the Most High.

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