Perseverance in Trial


I didn’t realize that doubt in God’s power is much more common than it seems, and prevalent among many seemingly strong in faith. It surely must be a tactic of Satan as we become more obedient in serving the Lord.

I find that I am in extreme peace with my faith when I am outside of trial. When I am within trial, it is a totally different story. I begin begging God for delivery in Jesus name and become overwhelmed with emotion, and then something (Satan) starts igniting doubts, fears, stress, etc. Upon delivery, I question myself, “where is your faith? Wow, cool pity party, Amanda!”

It really sunk in recently that we must honor God through our persecution, just like Jesus did. He knew what was ahead of Him, and still didn’t kick, cry, moan, groan, become angered, condescending, complain, or even beg for delivery from it. He honored and trusted the Father, knowing that He was a living sacrifice, and that this trial of hardship was not in vain, and going to accomplish so much for the Kingdom.

Wow! All that was ahead of Him, and not an ounce of a tantrum? How selfish I am? How childish I can be! “God, take this from me. God, I cant handle this anymore! God, I need you to fix this! Now, God! Now! Pleaseeeeee.”

What? Did Jesus behave in this way? No. He continuously TRUSTED in the Father and SUBMITTED to His plan.

So, I have been working on this for quite some time- honoring God through my trial- but it has been tough, and I still complain like a child. My next step is to recognize the Authority of my Father, remain as obedient and faithful inside trial as I am outside, and be used for His greater purpose. How exciting is that? God wants to use each and every one of us, for THE KINGDOM!

I certainly have seen fruit. I and others have watched Him change me, doing works in me that simply are not humanly possible. It’s so exciting, because I become so confirmed in His existence. He is SO real! SO mighty! SO powerful! It’s going to take more practice to really become successful in His name, and I may never get anywhere as close to how Jesus honored Him during suffering, but I will strive in obedience, which also means more hardship/adversity must be permitted, so that I can learn.

Would we have doubt, fear, anxiety if we completely gave ourselves as a sacrifice to the Kingdom? Telling the Father, “The answer is Yes! Now, what is the question? What do you need from me? Where can I go for you? How can I be used for your glory?”

I don’t think we would have any doubt, because we would experience His power, first hand, repeatedly. Daily. Weekly. In us. In others.

James 1:12 says Blessed are those who persevere through trial, because having STOOD the test, they shall receive the crown of Life that God promises to those who love Him. Let us persevere in obedience to the Father, in the name of Jesus, and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for the glory of the Kingdom!

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