Parenting 101


Race relations are extremely sensitive topics resulting almost always in someone being extremely offended. With that said, I pose this question with the most sincere love and respect, as I am extremely against racism and bigotry.

As most of us have seen the many memes comparing parenting styles of Black and White Americans, one could easily identify White parents as far more passive disciplinarians. The children are often caught on video openly speaking their opinions in rather disrespectful tones and even refusing to do as their parents command. The White parents are often mocked for rarely enforcing an appropriate consequence. One could say that White parents are soft, and this results in bold, confident brats who turn into arrogant, independent adults.

The memes also show Black adults referencing what would have happened to them if they behaved similarly. Although it is being represented as comical, the punishments are often explained as extremely aggressive and often physically violent. An example of this would be when the media caught the mother of a Baltimore rioter smack and pull her son out of a protest. She explained that she is a mother of six and doesn’t play when it comes to disciplining her children.

With that said, could this be a call to action for ALL parents to learn more appropriate discipline styles? Maybe meet in the middle? Surely, physically beating and degrading your child will not produce confidence or healthy independence. And obviously, we don’t want a bunch of snotty, disrespectful children.

So, what does that happy medium look like to you?

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