Loving you into the Kingdom


“It doesn’t matter if you can quote the Bible, if you live like you’ve never opened it.”

This can come across as brash. However, it really speaks volumes of how we must be sure to behave not according to our own lead, but God’s.

It can be a major challenge for all of us, because let’s face it, we are conditioned since birth to be a spoiled people. Our nation has developed the “scroll” personality, where we simply scroll on to the next [marriage, friend, job, vehicle, etc] once we lose interest.

It can appear tough or burdensome to give up all of our desires, so that we can serve God’s. However, that’s such a tool of Satan. God’s love is so fulfilling that it is beyond any physical, mental, and emotional high we could ever experience from this world.

So, instead of us trying to Lead one another into the Kingdom, let’s Love one another into it as God does the Leading.

For all of you that see this position as a difference from where I was just a short few weeks or months ago, let it be a testimony to His ability to change our hearts.

If you are cemented in your feelings, you aren’t making yourself available for His guidance.

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