Loving thy neighbor.


I’m not typically for blanket statements, but for the most part, a parent’s LOVE for their child is unconditional.

Unconditional love means that the LOVE is not subject to any condition.

So, because a parent unconditionally loves their child, does LOVE negate the parents responsibility to lead and direct their child? Would LOVE for their child mean that they should let their child do whatever he or she pleases, regardless of what may happen to them?

This is my rebuttal to individuals who want to rest on the commandment to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. If you truly LOVE your neighbor, you will warn them that their pathway is leading them into destruction.

The ones who don’t warn you are not your friends! They will not be there for you when you hit rock bottom. They will scatter. Trust me- I have watched it happen over and over again, and to many individuals including people closest to me.

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