Heavenly Treasures


In a world where most things are delivered right to our fingertips, it can seem unreasonable to think that things are actually delivered to us from God.

It is certainly a tactic of Satan to make us believe that our hard work truly pays off, but let’s be honest- we all know a lot of hard workers whose work just doesn’t deliver, and also some who really made it and then lost it all. So, can we really say that all we attain has anything to do with how hard we work? Can we even evaluate those who appear extremely blessed as blessed based upon their success? They may be just moments away from their financial pitfall.

Maybe this is why we are to store up our treasures in Heaven (Matthew 6). Maybe this is also why we are not supposed to give power to those appearing successful or disgrace those appearing impoverished. I think it may also be important for us to begin looking passed the item that has been delivered to us as the blessing, but the fact that it was divinely Delivered. Either way, it is all due…in due time.

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