He is, alone, worthy.


I am as confused about the excitement from Catholics over Pope Francis as I have been over their reasoning behind praying the rosary that includes hailing Mary. My sentiments are similar over the amount of hope Black Americans have found in President Obama, and find it no more absurd than the women altering their image through injections and waist trainers to look more like the Kardashians. This mentality is no different from those struggling with sexual identity finding courage in Bruce Jenner, or Italian Americans feeling kin towards mob-lords like The Godfather and Tony Soprano. Quite frankly, it exists in every race, gender, ethnicity, and social class.

The problem is our ignorance to this mentality is an infraction against God. I sincerely don’t condemn the Catholics any differently, because it has become apparent to me this mentality exists heavily among Believers entirely. It seems like a pretty wise and strategic plan from the enemy to me.

The question is, have we become hypocrites adopting the “Believer” title less the excitement, praise, worship, faith, hope, image, courage, and pride as kin to Jesus Christ, alone?

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