God: Best for last or last resort?


So, we are in sunny North Carolina, and Amarè got bit by something on the leg. It’s swollen, red, and fevered. Dr. Megan says it looks abscessed from pics, but Dr. Ke says to calm down, he is fine, there is no need to worry. Dr. Me can’t rest- thoughts of his leg being amputated are crossing my mind! We showed Dr. Granddad, Dr. Grandma, Dr. Uncle, and called Dr. Auntie Yulonda, Dr. Tiffany, and all other advising friends and family physicians. All the while, Dr. Google is really terrifying me with the images. With no clearly defined answer, we finally resorted to Dr. God. I mean, save the best for last or last resort- you be the judge. We pray. We sleep. We wake up. Still swollen, red, and fevered.

I insist on going to Urgent Care. While in the waiting room, I notice someone left their bottle of water below their chair. Ewwwww, I think to myself. Germs are everywhere!!! I fill out the paperwork, and 40 minutes later find out that UPMC mistakenly suggested this location that is in fact out of network. Now, I have to call UPMC again. As I’m on hold, I look down at my hands putting the cap back on the water bottle.

Whaaaaat. Ewww. No. No, wait. Stop. Are you kidding me? But how? How did I just do this? I just drank someones water. Oh dear, Lord, dump me in some Holy water. Sanitize my body and soul. My lips are going to fall off. There is a knot in my throat. I’m so sick to my stomach. Dr. Google, what do I do if I drank someones water? Then I ask Dr. Receptionist and all Dr. Patients in waiting room. Then, I call Dr. Kevion to get some Listerine. Then, best for last or last resort, I ask God to protect me.

I deserve whatever is coming for me. “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Matthew 8:26. I should have went to God first, and trusted His divine leadership through my husband. ‪#‎Convicted‬.

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