Get hungry!


My heart aches for people who haven’t recognized the Grace of Jesus Christ, but who is to blame?

Those that don’t know Him only know the world.

Just like Pennsylvania, the world is filled with a majority of gloomy days- lies, anger, pain, struggle, sickness, death, with an occasional ray of sunshine that gives us hope.  It’s this false hope that the world will give them more, or that their hard work will really pay off- just like the false hope that the lottery addicts have for winning the megamillions.

The odds are simply not in your favor.

But how can this change?

If Christians would start being like Christ- living by the Word, and allowing people to witness His Grace. 

I hear so many people say “I’m Catholic, because I was born Catholic” or “I’m a Christian, but I believe in morals and ethics over the Scripture.”

Wake up call: You are what you eat.

If you aren’t eating the Word for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and putting those words into action, you are simply you, your own god, your own authority.

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