Dr. God


People, wake up!!! God made our bodies VERY, VERY, VERY capable of responding to infection and disease. Where is our faith? In doctors? In the CDC? In paid researchers? In the FDA? In Big Pharma? Are you kidding me? Lol. This is as absurd as trying to find a cure for cancer!!!

How about we start talking about CAUSES! We are being polluted day in and day out by harmful chemicals in our water, pesticides and preservatives, genetically modified foods that our bodies can’t even recognize, vaccines, etc. Do you even know what you are allowing to be INJECTED into your kids? Read the labels! What about the chemicals you are washing and hydrating your skin with? You feel safe using them because they are on the shelf or prescribed by a doctor? Anyone can be a doctor nowadays- they have turned into parrots repeating everything they are told to say. And you know who is telling them what to say? The people who are making billions off your kids illnesses! Do you remember when doctors used to throw antibiotics left and right when a person so much as sneezed? What did that cause? Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria!!! Now, your kid could have a fever of 104 with a terrible cough, congestion, and mucus pouring out of their nose, but they deem it a virus.

WAKE UP! THE Physician is our Almighty Father!!!!

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