Do or Die.


If when you turned on the television tonight you heard a warning that a devastating storm was going to cover the U.S. by noon tomorrow, what would you do? Would you search for public shelter? Board up your windows? Stock up on dry foods and water? Would you tell those of importance in your life how much you love them? Ask for their forgiveness? What would you do?

In honesty, it doesn’t matter what you would do, but that you would DO something, because you BELIEVE the warning that is being shared with you.

Now, think about your claim of BELIEF in Jesus Christ. Do you truly believe that He is who He says He is? The Son of our Father, the Alpha and Omega, Maker of Heaven and Earth? Do you believe that He was sent here for our salvation? Do you remember when He denied his blood family, stating: “For whoever DOES the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother.” Do you believe you will be included when He returns for His HOLY Bride?

What are you going to DO? Are you going to board up your eyes, ears, mouths, and hands in protection from temptation? Are you going to stock up on the Word, feeding from it daily? Are you going to confess your sins, repent and be baptized, so that you can receive the Holy Spirit? Are you going to allow Him to crucify your flesh, take you through the valley, and use you for His glory instead of your own?

If you aren’t going to DO, maybe you don’t truly believe.

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