Communion with LGBT- A Christ-like Approach


As a reminder: no sin is greater than another as it appears some Christians hold gays to be greater sinners than any other. Let’s remember, with the law recently being passed, there is a lot of conversation stemming around it. I’m sure when divorce became accepted it was the same way.

I do want to address the fact that many Christians find comfort going about our business, because we feel it is simply not our place of involvement.  I urge all of you to turn to the Word, because you will see, as I saw, we are expected of so much more as Christians than we desire to acknowledge.

First, James 2:10 says that “for whoever keeps the whole law, but fails one point has become accountable for all of it.”  So, we cannot walk around preaching certain things and negating others.  I.e. “Love our neighbors” “Don’t judge.”

Secondly, we are commanded to warn our brothers and sisters who are engaging/living in sin. Ezekiel 3:20-21 tells us that on judgement day, we, who did not warn, will be held accountable for the blood of our brothers and sisters.

We are specifically told to speak the truth in love. Ephesians 4:15. When we warn, there is a specific way of doing that. First, we are to go sit down with that person and tell them one on one. If they don’t turn from their way, we are supposed to bring one or two with us to help warn them. If they still don’t warn, we are to bring them before the church, so that they fully understand that they are knowingly engaging in sin. Lastly, if they still don’t turn from their ways, we are treat them like a tax collector or pagan, staying away from them. Matthew 18:15-17

Therefore, we are not to judge the person as good or bad, or condemn them to be a greater sinner than another, but to judge the behavior as either sinful or sinless. So, if it is sinful, and we don’t follow through with the warning process, we then bear their sin.

This is why we have to be in the Word, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us to grow closer to our Lord, because He is God, and we will treat Him like that by obeying His commands.

Love you all! Have a blessed day!

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