Cakes for all, Gays included!


We cannot pick and choose which Laws of God we want to follow or stand for.

If you are going to stop serving cake to Gays, then you stop serving cake to ALL sinners, including yourself. If you are going to stop giving marriage licenses to Gays, then you also stop giving them to couples engaging in premarital sex. Since when are we Permitted to stand in the way of sinners???

We, as the Church, have become so BLIND!  How many of us are going to attack Planned Parenthood, but still commit adultery?  Jesus said you are not free of this sin just because you spared the bedroom.  Yes, that includes flirtation, sexual scenes on tv, pornography, and anything else that makes you lustful.

Do we even care that God wants to be FIRST.

How many of us are going to serve the idols within our careers or purpose- Money, Power, Respect, Authority, Pride.

No, no, no, the Church is not exempt!!  It happens as much inside the sanctuary as it does out.  If you feel like life is peachy keen, jelly bean, that’s a good way to know you aren’t serving the Lord.  He Calls us into the valley.  He is our Strength.  His power is made PERFECT in our weakness.  He Calls us to persevere.

Do we need reminded that Jesus wasn’t sent for the healthy, but for the sick?

If we don’t start rising together, helping one another, lifting up the Word, sharpening one another, who will we become?HYPOCRITES!!!

Who will want to serve our God if we won’t?  Get out in the streets. Connect with the Body!!!

The Body is made up of EVERY race and social class!  Get uncomfortable, so that He can be your comfort!!!

Jesus Christ gave His LIFE for us, and if we are going to claim it, we need to do more than worship. We need to get the Blood flowing. If you don’t help me sharpen myself, you are to blame. I’m going to make this commitment to stepping it up, and I am going to ask Him to help me do it with a smile on my face, peace in my heart, and joy radiating off of my skin.  We are in battle, my brothers and sisters.

The Glory days are in the future, not in the present.

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