Being Spirit Led


Fear or Faith, they cannot coexist.

I’ve been told too many times not to be an extremist with my faith, but how else do we exhibit faith except through extremes?

I’ve heard people say, “Well, that’s why God gave us a brain, so use it. If you are sick, go to the doctor. If you are stressed, see a therapist. If you want more money, get a different job. If your spouse isn’t everything you wanted him/her to be, find a new one. And so on…”

Yes, God gave us all a brain, and many of those examples can seem reasonable, but didn’t God give us Jesus? Didn’t He promise to send us our Helper, the Holy Spirit? Isn’t He the only way to the Father?

Let’s not be Peter when he began to use his brain after Jesus told him to meet him out on the water. Let’s start living in faith and let God be god ♡

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