Battles of the Confused Christian:


For quite some time, we have seen Christians persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We have experienced sadness and anger while watching the attacks made aware to us by news broadcasts, but also comfort knowing that it wasn’t occurring on our very own soil.

However, have we misinterpreted the ever-existing strategy of Satan? Do we not recognize our own Isis in the United States? No, I’m not talking about a terrorist group. I’m talking about our individual continuous submission to sinful desires resulting in the blind genocide of true Christianity.

Think about sexual immorality, lying, cheating- have these things not decapitated the Christian family? Think about idolatry, covetousness, enmity, drunkenness, and how these behaviors have executed individual morality and ethics.

We continuously identify the antichrist- “Homosexuals!” “Obama!” “Pope Francis!” “Isis!” “Muslims!”. We call out “End Times!” disturbed by back to back attacks specifically against Christians. But have we misinterpreted our involvement in the slaying of our own faith?

We have become a nation so far from Christ! We, Christians, through action, have crucified Christ repeatedly through our faith in vain exhibited by consciously and continuously succumbing to sin. Either, we will continue bending our knee to Satan and receive what he has to give, or we will submit to our GOD through obedience to His Word and perseverance, reaping the crown of life that is promised to those who love Him (James 1:12).

The choice is ours, individually.

Resist evil, the devil will flee from you!  James 4:7

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