Commitment Evaluation


What do you aspire to be as a Christian?
1) Non-committal Seeker
2) Non-committal Believer
3) Committed Believer/Seeker
4) Warrior/Giant Killer

What is most fulfilling to you?
1) Holiness through humility & obedience
2) Business Success
3) Generational Wealth/Fame
4) Happy Family/Marriage
5) Physical Fitness
6) Respect/Power/Authority

What is preventing your fulfillment?
1) Self
2) Others
3) Circumstances

How do you interpret adversity?
1) Hardship: severe suffering, Curse/Only from Satan
2) Trial: A test of the performance, qualities, or suitability of someone or something; “Allowed” or “Caused” by God

Who has ULTIMATE authority?
1) God
2) Others
3) Me

☆If we want to be used by the Father as David’s to fight Goliath’s, then we must strive for holiness through humility and obedience to our Father, trusting not in ourselves, others, or our circumstance, but ONLY that He will strengthen us through trial, testing our suitability for such an astounding role, because He, alone, is God, and WILL deliver His power to His children who persevere in the midst of adversity in His name☆

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