An unrepentant heart.


One of the kindest souls that I have ever known wrote this just a week or so before her brutal murder.  I truly believe that God was using her for His Kingdom even without her knowing how short her time left on this earth would be.  This post brings me two thoughts:

1) Praying with an unrepentant heart. What is that? It doesn’t say “praying with an unrepentant mouth.”  We can use our lips to repent as much as we want, but a repentant heart will show through our actions that we truly recognize our old ways as wrong, and CHOOSE to abandon them.  We must repent from the heart, and adopt a new life- a holy one, where we seek to honor God.  If you CONTINUE to pray with the same tongue that you use to curse; If you pray for healing over the same body you lustfully and promiscuously reveal or share; If you pray without turning from your old ways, you are praying with an unrepentant heart.  

That’s selfish, abusive and disrespectful to our Lord.

2) We NEVER know when our last day on this earth may be, so we cannot get comfortable in our ways thinking we have more time to change. None of us have enough time. We must turn from our ways now!

May God bless us all, and bestow His grace upon us as we turn from our ways. We miss and love you dearly, Jasmine.  Thank you for sharing with us before you left. We will see you again.

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