Abusing the Boob.


As a breastfeeding mother, I find nursing to be an intimate bonding time between my precious babies and I. It’s something that amazes me- I make milk!  I’m like a human refrigerator!  My body gives life to my baby!  Wow, God is so brilliant!!

It can also be challenging though. Babies eat nearly every three hours, so your body is constantly working overtime to sustain two! Also, you can’t really hand your boob to your hubby, mom, or babysitter, so unless your little one will accept a bottle, you are on duty full-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To say it is a commitment is an understatement. It is extremely demanding physically, mentally, and emotionally. Pregnancy, delivery, nursing, motherhood, sleepless nights, all of it- so worth it, but soooo demanding.

That brings me to the thought of female cows. Do you know that “dairy cows” do not produce milk automatically? They only produce milk after pregnancy, which, like women, lasts about 9 months. Like women, they first produce colostrum. Then, their milk comes in. Their milk is meant to feed their calves- to feed and nourish their calves, so that they grow into healthy adult cows. They only produce this milk for about a year. Like us, their young only need milk for that long. Do you know that these cows are continuously impregnated so that we can eat their babies and take their milk? What if we were continuously violated in this way?

As a breastfeeding mother- as a woman- as a human- as an animal- I literally cannot imagine more of a hell than that.

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