A ravenous wolf is hot on your tail, My sheep.


I think God has been showing me something lately- that He is Authority.  Authority is defined as “the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience.”

Wow, I have really been stepping on God’s toes. I described to someone that my transition into my spirituality has been nothing short of intense. I feel as though I was a person on a sling shot being pulled, pulled, and pulled into the world. THEN, God released the ability of the enemy pulling me when I called Him, submitting myself completely. So, as I was released, I literally came shooting projectile towards the Kingdom. Let’s just say I have hit some turbulence along the way.

I started to allow Satan to use my zeal for God to fuel anger towards phony/lukewarm Christians. I’ve also battled back and forth the current political issues involving gay marriage, and transgender acceptance brought about by Bruce Jenner.

God revealed something very profound to me through this. My heart and thoughts can reject ungodly behavior to the max, but it is not within MY authority to stand in the way of the sinner- not sins of the Believer or unbeliever.  It is simply not within our authority to wage war against others, because our battles are not against flesh and blood.

God gave them free-will, and I take His authority as my own when I reject His.

Please, pray for all of us, Christians, to have patience with those who Satan is using to rebuke God’s will in our lives, and also for heightened awareness to rebuke Satan from using them and us to steal God’s authority.

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