A New Beginning 


​Imagine a recruiter calls you and offers an opportunity for a career that sounds, well, far too good to be true.  You have been in a rut for quite some time, and although you are confident this is a hoax, the smallest bit of hope in you refuses to hang up the call.  

Against all logic, you agree to take an interview.  The recruiter seems genuine, but you are still so skeptical.   You wonder:  Why would they want me?  I am surely underqualified.  Where is the catch?  But, maybe this is the break I have been waiting for.  Could this door finally be opening for me?  

So, you decide to lay all of these thoughts on the table, and the recruiter confirms all of your fears are warranted.  You are, without a doubt, underqualified, AND there is a catch- you must be in training for a VERY long time, BUT you are going to be assigned a leader who will groom you into the exact employee they need you to be.

Well, no fancy-schmancy title and a grip of work ahead of you, but truthfully, it doesn’t sound that bad.  Lastly, you ask the recruiter for a tour of their facilities.  Surely you will be able to pull some truth from one of the disgruntled employees- every company has a few of those!  

And you were right again- this part-timer has A LOT to complain about.  However, after some time of listening to the endless rant, you start to realize that this person is an arrogant, prideful, know-it-all who couldn’t follow leadership even while compensated to do so, AND she isn’t even fully committed.  -Hello!  You expect the company to revolve around you, and you are here a couple days a week?  Get real.

Nonetheless, everyone else seems genuinely happy.  They say that the training was far better than they imagined, and they credited it all to their tremendous leader.  

Without further ado, you take the job.  Your life changes drastically and not just in the pocketbook- I’m talking emotionally, mentally, physically.  Who would have known you could have been so fulfilled?

Let me just tell you that this is available right now, to each and every one of you.  There is a position available, and it is to be a servant of our Almighty Father.  The leader is His precious Son, Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit is the recruiter, positioning you to read this right now.  I am a full-time, committed employee who once was an arrogant, prideful, know-it-all part-timer, and my advice to you:  

Take the job.  

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