Man vs. God


Not with a spirit of fear, but one of faith.

Word:  Genesis 17:12 says that infant boys are to be circumcised on their 8th day of life.

Word aligns with Science:  Research confirms that 8 days postpartum just so happens to be when natural Vitamin K reaches peak level in a newborn. (Wow, God might really know what He’s doing? Convicted😞)

Science: The Vitamin K shot is specifically given to ALL newborns immediately following delivery to “prevent” Newborn Hemorrhagic Disease (NHD) aka Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding (VKBD).


Is this really a disease/deficiency or are we simply disregarding God’s command?

Are our babies now suffering irreversible risks associated with excessive vitamin K? Why not wait until day 8 for circumcision? Obviously, physicians could administer Vitamin K if the newborn experienced a traumatic delivery with suspected internal bleeding, right? Doesn’t that make sense?

No. No. It does not make sense! Because then they wouldn’t be able to destroy our precious, perfect, God-created babies!


So, who delivers this spirit of fear, causing us to do things that contradict the Word?  Satan!

Testimony:  Both of my sons were diagnoses with jaundice. Amarè had “newborn jaundice” coupled with a premature release from the Billi-bed resulting in a million dollar hospital stay, multiple tests, and a spinal tap.

Adrièn was diagnosed with “Breastmilk Jaundice” which resulted in 10 weeks of extreme lethargy, barely able to wake him for feedings, and lifeless extremities. His levels were routinely tested, and although high, they were found to be below toxic range. The phlebotomists repeatedly told me that his blood was extremely thick. It formed beads that made it nearly impossible to collect a sample for testing. I brought this to the attention of my Ped. Group, but they brushed it off, and again, blamed the milk!


A call to action:  We need to do more than believe in God. We need to believe what He says.

Otherwise, we are walking into the snare of Satan- who comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  Disease, Disorder, Death are not from our Heavenly Father, but have no fear- There are blessings often disguised as hardships, so let them be revealed to you! God IS Almighty!


Father, please forgive us for being such ignorant, arrogant, and disobedient children. Forgive us for not seeking You first. Forgive us for not resting in Your Word. Forgive us for trusting in our own understanding and abilities. Forgive us for not exercising complete faith in You.  Thank you for Your favor and grace.  Please, wash clean all Believers who are in agreement with this prayer and their precious children- in Jesus name!

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